The Not Unreasonable Podcast

Not Unprofessional with Don Mango

January 15, 2018 David Wright Season 1 Episode 10
The Not Unreasonable Podcast
Not Unprofessional with Don Mango
Show Notes

This episode is an experiment. Actuaries need to attest to having done 30 hours a year of continuing education and three of those need to be in what we call "professionalism" which can loosely be thought of as ethics for actuaries. Satisfying these is often boring work so I thought I'd try to make it interesting.

In this conversation with Don Mango, we discuss a series of cases (see for show notes) that I thought might be interesting to interpret in the context of the actuarial code of conduct. Quite unexpectedly I had more fun with this one than maybe any of the previous interviews, which is saying quite a lot!

I won't pretend this is for everyone but I suggest to give it a listen, even if only to hear our thoughts on Bitcoin, what a stock trader is to do if choosing between lying and screwing their client and many other examples. (to actuaries: I promise it's about actuaries!)

I'm looking into a dedicated podcast for professionalism CE credits. If you're interested, go to to sign up to a mailing list about that project. 

Disclaimer: actuarial members, you of course need to use your own judgement on whether this podcast satisfies the CE guidelines. I'm counting it for mine, though!

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